Robin's Adventure Time

Midnight Run

and treasures untold

We begin at the pool of Markovia. While unpacking to get ready for the night we realize that we didn’t account for Gruuk’s nightly turns. We decide to go back to the Abbey and ask him if it’s ok to stay at the Abbey. He says ok after explaining our situation to him. While we are there we ask if he could restore Arkadius Rook and Vane Drinkwater to their normal state. He agrees that he will do it if we find him a wedding dress for Vasilika, his newest creation.
Afterward, Jenevieve Amastacia explores the a lower room only to discover a boring storage room. Most of them labeled with Raven (don’t remember) but some of them that look pretty expensive and are labeled Scarlet 003. She leaves a little unimpressed but excited to tell Akadius nonetheless.
Deep into to the night an urge pulls Arkadius out of his bed and toward the pool of Markovia. Jenevieve, already awake follows quietly to see what will happen next. They find themselves facing the pool and speaking, once more to Sergei. He is not sure why he was called up but says that we must find a sword. The sword appears in the water as if actually there. Arkadius Rook reaches out and the sword, like the moonlight on the water shatters at the breaking of the calmness of the pool’s surface. Sergei says to find this sword disappears as if he were never there. The pair discuss what should be done and who should be trusted on the way back to the Abbey.
Back at the Abbey, Vane Drinkwater and Ireena Kolyana are awoken by the toll of the church bells, signaling another meal time. A disgruntled Vane greets the two late night travelers at the door. After one last check on Gruuk everyone goes to be until the morning.
When the morning comes Gruuk is his normal self and the group eats and heads into town. While there we meet with Esmeralda. We discuss what to do next and attempt to lick our own elbows for an embarrassingly long amount of time. Afterward we talk to the a woman who gave birth and her midwife. From what we gather we find that this woman has had a child but unfortunately it is only a husk of a human being, soulless.
After finding that it is ok to venture out from the guards we go back to Rictavio. On our way we find a pair of pallid leather gloves with ivory nails. Jenevieve Amastacia tries them on and holds on to them (not sure if i actually have it. You all can let me know). We reach Rudolph (Rictavio) and he is met with an abusive but warm embrace from Esmeralda. We discuss what to do next and land on exploring the trap door found earlier from a completely unnecessary fireball by Jenevieve.
All but Rictavio go down as he was still furiously working at his… uhh… work. Once down we seem to find all the Silver of Barovia. Vane cast a timely detect magic spell which reveals that the coins had some magic to have them come alive in a kind of silver coin golem. We battle it out and eventually defeat the creature. We were then left with some glasses that help to notice minute details when used and a vial of Frost Giant stregnth and an obscene amount of silver coins.
Now we are left to find out what to do with all the coin.


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