Robin's Adventure Time

Into the Cave

We finally make our way into the Wave Echo Cave

We finally make our way to the hills and into the Wave Echo Cave. Once we get inside we go in search of lamps as we are in complete darkness. As we look we come across the tragic sight of Grundren’s brother in the entrance of the cave.

Jenevieve begins to callously question Gundren about his brothers boots. Gundren, still grieving, does not answer. Vane spends time consoling Gundren with old Dwarvish words for those who have passed. The party moves on in search of answers. While everyone else is preoccupied with the descent into the caves Arkadius uses this opportunity to pocket the boots in question. Later, he reveals them to Jenevieve to her horror.

We continue our search through the caves and encounter several creatures in battle. Gundren notes that it’s typical to find some of these creatures here but finding undead is not normal. The group is a little unsettled but is determined to move on. Vane takes notice of the architecture within the cave and has parsed out where the original entrance must have been.

In our search we find the assayers office and in it a locked case with a substantial riches. Also, within the case is a note stating that one of the coins is cursed. Vane and Jenevieve believe it best to leave the treasure while Arkadius sees it as unconscionable to leave it. After a lengthy discussion and Arkadius gets his way and add the riches to the treasury of the group.

Shortly after we made our way north west to a mysterious room with an eerie glowing growth encrusting the area. Activity from the group awakens something with the cave and it exudes a noxious gas poisoning both Vane and Jenevieve. Arkadius launches forward in an attempt to steer clear of any danger that might be lurking. In that moment an as yet unseen creature unfurls itself in preparation for battle.


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