Robin's Adventure Time

Traipsing Tresendar Manor

Or how the great Googily Moogily passed away

The party used a secret tunnel to enter Tresendar Manor and take care of the Redbrand menace.

They happened upon a one eyed creature who spoke to them telepathically. He was under the employ of the Redbrands and feasted on the corpses they supplied.

After a failed attempt to bring the monster to their side, the group was forced to kill the monster. Upon investigating it’s lair they found money, gems, scrolls, potions, and a well made scimitar named ‘Talon’.

The party took out a group of ruffians playing dice in their break room and then explored further south encountering three bugbears torturing a goblin (Droop). Killing the bugbears proved difficult and so the party took a short rest to recover. In thanks for killing his torturers the Goblin agreed to guide the group through the hideout and keep them safe from traps.

Exploring the NW side of the hideout the group found Glass Staff, who was alerted to their presence and attempted an escape. After a long pursuit the group caught him and bound his hands.

In Glass Staff’s workshop, they came across evidence that he was attempting to create invisibility potions. They also discovered correspondence from the Black Spider.

To clear out the rest of the hideout the group moved east, fighting skeletons and then finally finding the prison where the woodworkers family was being held. After dispatching the guards, the group continues to explore the complex.


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