Robin's Adventure Time

The great outdoors

We kill the Goodboi which has poisoned Vane, Gruuk, and Arkadius. Vane selflessly cures Arkadius and Gruuk, leaving herself diseased.

An ogre appears. The ogre can be reasoned with, but only on ogre terms.

He asks for a ‘white fluffly.’ We attempt to discern what that means. Jenevieve finds a flock of sheep near-bye.

After a stall in communication Arkadius loses patience and jogs towards the flock. A wolf of some sort attacks him, grievously wounding him.

When we return the sheep to the Ogre, the orcs spring an attack. Battle ensues.

Gruuk almost goes down but pops up, battle raged. Jenevieve lets loose several magic missiles which meet their mark. Vane shoots and casts holy spells to kill any who approach, with Gruuk slashing down all before him.

Arkadius falls unconscious after a few strikes. He writhes on the ground until Vane casts healing words. Gruuk finishes the orcs.

The group continues onward.


defaultgm247 DougE

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