Robin's Adventure Time

The Creature from Cragmaw

Our group continued it’s assault of Cragmaw Castle. With the Bugbear and his wolf dispatched, they moved on to the drow, which had changed shape to perfectly mimic Arkadius.

The group revived Gundren and proceeded to try and figure out ‘the real Arkadius’. Jenevieve proposed that they both made a bardic performance, Gruuk suggests the two Arkadius’ hit each other, while Vane attempts to gather which is the real one via insight.

Arkadius’ rashness takes over, and he and the shapechanger punch one another, with the real Arkadius taking a massive amount of damage.

Vane’s insight does not reveal which is real, and a subsequent performance likewise produces equal results. However she casts an identify spell and discovers which being has spells affecting it. A battle begins, the shapechanger attempts to retreat.

Gruuk and Vane pursue, with Vane telling Arkadius to ‘stay’. Jenevieve follows the others to assist.

They catch and wear down the shapechanger but it gets the best of them, grievously wounding Gruuk and Jenevieve. Seeing Jenevieve fall from the next room, Arkadius is spurred to action. He stabilizes her wounds and then dashes after the monster. With the creature in sight, he casts ‘hold person’ and summarily executes the held enemy in a blind rage, severing its head.

Jenevieve casts a rope trick spell which opens an extradimensional space, she climbs up in order to rest. Likewise Arkadius climbs, and as they rest, he attempts to cheer his friend.

Vane and Gruuk at first remain below, but eventually climb as well, and the group, along with Gundren, rest and recover from their wounds. Arkadius tells Gundren that their job to escort the caravan to Phandelver is complete, and also negotiates a 15% stake in the mine once the group helps Gundren and his brothers safely begin their operations there.

After escorting Gundren back to town the group takes a night to fully recover. In the morning they head off to fulfil Linene Graywind’s quest to deliver an ornate comb to Agatha the banshee, saying that if they were to flatter her she would likely gift them a spellbook which once belonged to a legendary mage. On their way, they encountered an Owlbear which they dispatched.

Upon arrival, the group was met with an eery mist, and the appearance of the banshee. Arkadius, acting as emissary for Linene and the Harpers, and armed with the information of flattery and gifting, immediately dropped to a knee, complemented her great beauty, and presented the comb. She, unfortunately didn’t have the spell book, and said that she traded it to a necromancer named Tsernoth from the city of Iriaebor. Her promise to give one answer fulfilled, she disappeared.

The group, on Gruuk’s request, now make their way to nearby Wyvern Tor to eliminate the Orc threat.

On our way to Wyvern Tor we encountered a pair of two-headed dog-beasts. They’ve attacked Gruuk, Arkadius, and Vane resulting in the three being poisoned. The battle continues.


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