Robin's Adventure Time

Fun times in Phandalin

The party and Sildar make their way to Phandalin.

  • Arkadius goes to the tavern and gets drunk.
  • Sildar finds a room and goes to sleep.
  • The rest of the party delivers their cargo to the provisioner (Barthen at Barthen’s Provisions).
  • While shopping at the Lionshield Coster Linene tells the group that the goblins have some of her supplies as well, and asks if they can be retrieved.
  • The group meet Arkadius at the tavern and eat and drink, Gruuk drinks far too much and passes out, Vane enlists the help of a tavern patron and drags Gruuk upstairs.
  • The next morning the party is going about town speaking to people and receiving quests.
  • Sildar is asking around town for the location of his friend, the wizard Iarno Albrek.
  • Jenaveve is super excited to hear about a book of Magic that the priestess at the Shrine of Luck would like the party to investigate.
  • Towards the end of the day the party is approached by a group of redbrand, Gruuk scares two of them off and the third attacks but is subdued.
  • Gruuk and Arkadius play ‘good cop bad cop’ and interrogate the redbrand, learning some about their hideout and then jailing him with Sildar at the Town Hall, where Sildar is now taking charge.
  • Vane ‘kid whispers’ a boy named Carp who tells the group about a secret entrance to the Redbrand hideout.
    *The party visit Halia Thornton at the Miners Exchange


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