Robin's Adventure Time

The Not-Quite Triumphant Return

Picks up back in Tresendar Manor. With the prisoners in tow (a mother and her two children, Nars and Nilsa), the group, with Droop, decides to press on through the mansion.

*Gruuk sets off a trap in an unexplored corridor, which takes out the floor.

*When Glassstaff quips about it, Arkadius – who had previously warned him to keep quiet – stabs him.

*Glassstaff escapes his bonds and flees, calling out llefarn to re-animate the one remaining skeleton.

*Arkadius chases Glassstaff down whilst Jenevieve and Vane take out the skeleton, but not before it manages to cut off Nars’ arm.

*Glassstaff escapes and the group leave Tresendar Manor back the way they came.

*Gruuk carries Nars to the Shrine of Healing, where Sister Garaele manages to save the boys life – she is unable to reattach the arm. Vane returns the arm to the Shrine of Luck, so they can dispose of it respectfully.

*Nars and his family recover in Stone Hill Inn.

*The Group go to Sildar at the Townmaster’s Hall to recount what happened. He immediately wants to leave to see if they can catch up to Glassstaff/Iarno, so they do, leaving Droop the goblin behind with the townmaster.

*They find a secret room with a cistern, and evidence that Glasstaff had hidden supplies for escape in it – the room is otherwise empty.

*Jenevieve finds tracks that head east, but they disappear and they group cannot track anyone further.

*Returning to Phandelin, the group go to Stone Hill Inn. Droop reveals that he knows the location of Cragmaw Castle.

*Through his descriptions, Vane is able to narrow down on a map that Droop is talking about an area in the south of the Neverwinter Woods.

*After a long rest, the group head to the Sleeping Giant to find more Redbrands. They dispatch the ones that are there, and have an altercation with the dwarf bartender (Gristas), which is ultimately resolved once they pay for damages.

*They pay a visit to Alderleaf Farm, to thank the child Carp for the information of the secret tunnel.

*They visit Barthen’s Provisions and talk a little more about Nundro and Tharden Rockseeker, Gundren’s brothers, who are camping nearby. Arkadius meanwhile visits the Shrine of Luck and joins up with them after.

*Leaving Droop behind at Stone Hill Inn, they head out to Neverwinter Woods, first encountering a group of Stirges, which Arkadius takes out almost in its entirety with Thunder Wave, and then an ogre, which is also dispatched without too much trouble.

Traipsing Tresendar Manor
Or how the great Googily Moogily passed away

The party used a secret tunnel to enter Tresendar Manor and take care of the Redbrand menace.

They happened upon a one eyed creature who spoke to them telepathically. He was under the employ of the Redbrands and feasted on the corpses they supplied.

After a failed attempt to bring the monster to their side, the group was forced to kill the monster. Upon investigating it’s lair they found money, gems, scrolls, potions, and a well made scimitar named ‘Talon’.

The party took out a group of ruffians playing dice in their break room and then explored further south encountering three bugbears torturing a goblin (Droop). Killing the bugbears proved difficult and so the party took a short rest to recover. In thanks for killing his torturers the Goblin agreed to guide the group through the hideout and keep them safe from traps.

Exploring the NW side of the hideout the group found Glass Staff, who was alerted to their presence and attempted an escape. After a long pursuit the group caught him and bound his hands.

In Glass Staff’s workshop, they came across evidence that he was attempting to create invisibility potions. They also discovered correspondence from the Black Spider.

To clear out the rest of the hideout the group moved east, fighting skeletons and then finally finding the prison where the woodworkers family was being held. After dispatching the guards, the group continues to explore the complex.

Fun times in Phandalin

The party and Sildar make their way to Phandalin.

  • Arkadius goes to the tavern and gets drunk.
  • Sildar finds a room and goes to sleep.
  • The rest of the party delivers their cargo to the provisioner (Barthen at Barthen’s Provisions).
  • While shopping at the Lionshield Coster Linene tells the group that the goblins have some of her supplies as well, and asks if they can be retrieved.
  • The group meet Arkadius at the tavern and eat and drink, Gruuk drinks far too much and passes out, Vane enlists the help of a tavern patron and drags Gruuk upstairs.
  • The next morning the party is going about town speaking to people and receiving quests.
  • Sildar is asking around town for the location of his friend, the wizard Iarno Albrek.
  • Jenaveve is super excited to hear about a book of Magic that the priestess at the Shrine of Luck would like the party to investigate.
  • Towards the end of the day the party is approached by a group of redbrand, Gruuk scares two of them off and the third attacks but is subdued.
  • Gruuk and Arkadius play ‘good cop bad cop’ and interrogate the redbrand, learning some about their hideout and then jailing him with Sildar at the Town Hall, where Sildar is now taking charge.
  • Vane ‘kid whispers’ a boy named Carp who tells the group about a secret entrance to the Redbrand hideout.
    *The party visit Halia Thornton at the Miners Exchange
On the way to Phandalin

The adventurers escort supplies to Phandalin, along the way they are ambushed by goblins.

Capturing one of their attackers, the group is led to a small goblin hideout. After defeating the outside guards they take a short rest.

During the rest a goblin child finds them and after some discussion takes one of them, Arkadius, as prisoner to the goblin child’s father, Yeemik. Yeemik also has a human prisoner named Sildar Hallwinter.

Arkadius negotiates his own release and agrees that the party will overthrow the goblin’s current leader, a bugbear named Klaarg, and place Yeemik as leader.

One of Yeemiks men, Tinkles, fights along side the group but Klaarg kills him.

The group kills Klaarg and leaves the cave with Sildar, making their way to Phandalin to rest.


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