Vane Drinkwater

Halfling cleric, Knowledge Domain


It would be hard to pinpoint Vane Drinkwater’s age from just looking at her; the wind and sun of a life spent outdoors have left their marks on her olive-bronze skin, in the creases of a face more inclined to smile than frown, and the deep tan lines that mottle the places her simple, hard-wearing clothes do not cover.

Her sun-bleached brown hair is customarily pulled back around her head in a braid, and it is perhaps her love of tying ribbons and flowers into it that most belie that there is a strong spirit of whimsical adventure in this otherwise visually unassuming halfling. She is lithe, wiry for one of her kind, with calloused and often ink-stained hands, clearly used to hard work.

Beneath her collar, mostly hidden, it is just possible to make out the edges of a tattoo that curls around her shoulder. Strapped to one arm is a small wooden shield, plain but clearly as carefully maintained as the crossbow she carries close to her at all times.

Hanging low on a leather strip around her neck is a pendant, in the prayer-box style. It’s contents are known only to Vane.


It’s A Good Life If You Don’t Weaken, The Tragically Hip
The Pearl, Judee Sill
The Schuyler Sisters, Hamilton
How Far I’ll Go, Moana
Heroes of our Time, DragonForce
The Moon and St Christopher, Kate Rusby
Jolly Good Luck to the Girl Who Loves a Soldier, Bella Hardy


Wanderlust was always in Vane’s blood. She was borne to a nomadic group of halflings, a tangle of loose ties and strong bonds. Although individuals and groups sometimes splintered from the core, it was rare that any full family would leave, and it was always understood that even those who let their curiosities of the world overcome their desire for home and hearth would one day return and bring their new stories back to the community. Every time one of these wanderers returned, little Vane could be found doggedly following their steps until she had heard every word of every adventure.

When her mother was asked by a friend to join their sailing expedition, due to her medical skills, she took Vane with her, and from that moment on, Vane knew that she loved the sea too much to ever permanently return to land. She trained as a cartographer, and from then on continued to work on survey and research expeditions, leaving her mother’s boat for more distant waters.


  • She’s not great at social etiquette, although she tries to be nice to people.
  • Met Gruuk when his tribe captured her and her survey party. Made a deal with him to take him with them if he helped them escape.
  • Totally considers that a good story.

Vane Drinkwater

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