Jenevieve Amastacia

High Elf Wizard


She stands at 5’9 with bronzed skin. Her doe eyes are green with flecks of hazel gold and belies her naivety to the world around her. She wears a richly colored robe and because of her upbringing she can’t help but add an intricate lace on the borders of her cloak. On her left hand she also wears a delicate chain bracelet that is connected to a solid silver ring inscribed with the elven “Live and teach the idea that with magical power comes grave responsibility.”


What do you think of your name? If Jenevieve had ever taken the time out to answer such a trivial question she would find it a more puzzling question than anyone would first anticipate. Jenevieve, after all isn’t traditional elven name by any means. Her father had,obviously, told her the story as he was a proponent of truth no matter the damage that might follow.
She knew that her name came not from her mother or a even a distant relative but from what her father, Rolen, like to think of as his “encounter with a morning star”. This “morning star” was a human woman that he had met a century or so prior at a council for the Academy of Magic. They had only known each other for 15 years but for Rolen it was the most memorable time in his life and he often thought back to those days. So when it came to naming his daughter it seemed appropriate to him to memorialize his encounter in the newer, deeper love of his daughter. So he named her after his only real love, Jenevieve. In Rolen’s mind it seemed almost logical but to those in the community it felt as if he was disgracing the elven way by putting so much weight on such a fleeting encounter.

Nevertheless, he held firm to his decision. Because of that there was always a sense of hesitation or even distance when anyone would interact with Jenevieve. Fortunately or unfortunately, it’s not clear which, since she was raised in such and environment she didn’t know any different. So, in this way Jenevieve lived out her days in the city of Everska. She spent most of her spare time to herself in a nook pouring over a book she managed to sneak out of her father’s study or swimming in Downsglory Pond.

When Jenevieve came of age she decided that her thirst for knowledge necessitated that she venture out and explore the world. She travelled from temple to temple, academy to academy in search of a truth that would give her a purpose. After a chance encounter with a wizard she felt that she should become a wizard herself and pay patronage to Azuth, the Lord of Spells. It wasn’t clear why but she felt that there was yet more mystery to uncover within herself and the only way to find the truth was to search within the enigma that is the realm of magic.

Envirmonmental Music
Gregorian ~ Now We Are Free
Malukah – ‪The Dragonborn Comes – Skyrim Bard Song and Main Theme Female Cover
Gandalf Falls Extended
Barber “Agnus Dei” Choir of New College Oxford

Character Traits
Tangled – When Will My Life Begin – Mandy Moore
We Are the Champions

Jenevieve Amastacia

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