Half-Orc Barbarian, Path of the Berserker


Tall, burly and muscular, an imposing figure of raw strength. Black hair, long on top tied into a ponytail in the back, shaved bald on the sides. Thick black beard surrounds mouth with prominent tusk-like teeth. Wears almost no armor, only animal hides and some primitive bone jewelry and piercings. Skin covered in scars. Black tribal tattoos envelop his calves and forearms, depicting creatures, circumstances and symbols, serving as milestones he has endured through life.


Born in an isolated Orc tribe, where strength, savagery and ruthlessness were valued more than anything, Gruuk always held his own against his Orc brethren. Utilizing his barbaric fury to decimate anything in the heat of battle, he earned a place in the tribe, even while not being a full-blooded Orc like most of his tribesmen. Even though he reveled in the freedoms of a tribal life, Gruuk felt it had no purpose. He sought to show the world his power, to become a legend, but the constraints of his tribe were holding him back. One of the only laws of the tribe was to never leave the tribe and he who does this is considered a spineless coward, bringing shame to himself and the tribe. For a while, Gruuk thought of escaping, but never found the right opportunity. One day, however, luck smiled upon him, when an exploration ship came to investigate the uncharted territory. The tribe wasn’t fond of outsiders traversing their lands and the head of the tribe sent out a group of warriors, including Gruuk, to trap them and bring them as slaves. The band successfully ambushed and trapped the explorers. One night, Gruuk made an offer to one of the cartographers of the ship, Vane Drinkwater, to free her and her people if they let him go aboard their ship with them and leave this place. Vane, not having much choice, accepts the offer. They sneak out in the darkness of the night and escape with the ship going far away from the tribe. Gruuk makes a pact with Vane to go on an adventure, Gruuk to earn his name in the world, and Vane, prompted by her deity Oghma, to seek out more knowledge.

What is known:

  • Comes from a considerably large tribe of mostly Orcs and Half-Orcs, but there are individuals of other races walking among the tribe. If you proved strong enough to hold your own in the tribe, you were allowed to be a part of it, regardless of your appearance.
  • The tribe is located in the mountainous landscape of The Spine of the World , not many dared to go to these dangerous wild lands, those who did rarely made it back.
  • Left his tribe without seeking approval of the elders, in the process freed captured slaves who provided an escape for him, among which was Vane Drinkwater, one of his current companions.
  • Speaks only if he must. Coming into this new world is still unsettling and in a way intimidating. Has very little understanding of magic, technology or deities, brute strength is all he’s ever known.
  • Can’t resist a drink or two… or fifteen. Considers a brawl to be the best way to get to know a person.


Approaching the Tribe

The Spirit Ritual

Warchief’s Orders

Warriors Prepare for Battle

The Oath is Broken

Who Dares Challenge His Might?


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