Robin's Adventure Time

On the way to Phandalin

The adventurers escort supplies to Phandalin, along the way they are ambushed by goblins.

Capturing one of their attackers, the group is led to a small goblin hideout. After defeating the outside guards they take a short rest.

During the rest a goblin child finds them and after some discussion takes one of them, Arkadius, as prisoner to the goblin child’s father, Yeemik. Yeemik also has a human prisoner named Sildar Hallwinter.

Arkadius negotiates his own release and agrees that the party will overthrow the goblin’s current leader, a bugbear named Klaarg, and place Yeemik as leader.

One of Yeemiks men, Tinkles, fights along side the group but Klaarg kills him.

The group kills Klaarg and leaves the cave with Sildar, making their way to Phandalin to rest.


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