Robin's Adventure Time

Gruuk's School of Culinary Excellence

The gang sets up camp just outside of Neverwinter Wood on their way to Cragmaw Castle.

  • While Vane and Arkadius are gathering fire wood she implores him to be less reckless, with mixed results.
  • Back at camp Jenevieve also shows concern for Arkadius well being, giving him some pause.
  • During the night Jenevieve is on watch and hears something approaching. She warns the group just in time for them to be readied to face a group of Orc raiders.
  • The raiders call out Gruuk as a traitor to his kind, he gives them his reply with the edge of his blade.
  • After the battle Gruuk discovers a Greataxe, the Grim Greataxe. A skull symbol is cast at the center of the two axe blades, which emits grey smoke at times.

The next morning the group approaches Cragmaw Castle with a plan. One of them will disguise themselves as Glass Staff and bluff their way in.

  • They bluff past the front guards but are met in the kitchen by a group that challenges them to a cooking contest.
  • Gruuk challenges them to a chopping contest by cleaving on of their heads off. Chaos ensues as goblins pour in to the kitchen.
  • The group gives up their plan and kills all the goblins in turn.
  • A roaming fight occurs as they fight through the castle, finally reaching a room where the Bugbear leader, a wolf, and a drow are residing, along with an unconscious dwarf.
  • The Bugbear is dispatched without too much trouble, when the drow suddenly changes form and looks exactly like Arkadius.

The session ends with the group wondering how to proceed next.


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