Robin's Adventure Time

Plot to End Lady Wachter cont.

We continue to plan Wachters death. We finally come the the conclusion that we would go to the Burgomaster’s house in Vallaki. After some cunning and “charm” from Arkadius, he and Vane are able to go into the house without any fuss. Once inside they make their way to the enchanted mirror. Vane takes it upon herself to kill Lady Wacther through the assassin of the mirror. We follow out of curiosity in order to know what happens. The mysterious man walk eyes fixed on only on the house and the task at hand. After a few tenuous moments shout and screams are heard from the house. We don’t pause, though, we continue on to the Blue Water Inn and hold our breathes in hope that no one suspects us. No one does, as far as we know. We then set out to our next task which is freeing Jenevieve, the actual Jenevieve, from the Mad Mages abode. We go out in search for him and Jenevieve goes in to try to convince him that her friend are alright… again. While there she also finds a book that seems to remind this mad man to magically clear his mind. She takes it and leaves it with a shopkeeper named Raj Ehr that she met while walking into a door and out of Barovia. She returns to the main halls of the manor.

Plot to End Lady Wachter

Ezmeralda’s wagon is now parked over the entrance to the treasure chamber, Vane filled up the bag of holding with as much of it as she could fit in.
The group went to Vallaki to get some weapons silvered, and then checked in with Danika Martikov at the blue water inn.
Everyone retreated to the master bedroom to speak in private. Danika & Ez met each other; Danika now knows about the silver & about Rictavio’s whereabouts, Ezmeralda knows of the existence of the Keepers of the Feather.
Danika informed you that despite the polarization before the election, the whole town seemed at peace with the result. There was no fallout from Lady Wachter bowing out of the race and Tereska Ivanova winning. This struck the Keepers as odd, so they decided to trail Tereksa. Apparently, she has been sneaking out of the Burgomistress’ Mansion and meeting with Lady Wachter at night. Apparently, she still holds influence over the town from the shadows.
At this point, the plan is to use the mirror to kill Lady Wachter. Ezmeralda & Danika were also informed about Lady Wachter’s not-a-cat.

Midnight Run
and treasures untold

We begin at the pool of Markovia. While unpacking to get ready for the night we realize that we didn’t account for Gruuk’s nightly turns. We decide to go back to the Abbey and ask him if it’s ok to stay at the Abbey. He says ok after explaining our situation to him. While we are there we ask if he could restore Arkadius Rook and Vane Drinkwater to their normal state. He agrees that he will do it if we find him a wedding dress for Vasilika, his newest creation.
Afterward, Jenevieve Amastacia explores the a lower room only to discover a boring storage room. Most of them labeled with Raven (don’t remember) but some of them that look pretty expensive and are labeled Scarlet 003. She leaves a little unimpressed but excited to tell Akadius nonetheless.
Deep into to the night an urge pulls Arkadius out of his bed and toward the pool of Markovia. Jenevieve, already awake follows quietly to see what will happen next. They find themselves facing the pool and speaking, once more to Sergei. He is not sure why he was called up but says that we must find a sword. The sword appears in the water as if actually there. Arkadius Rook reaches out and the sword, like the moonlight on the water shatters at the breaking of the calmness of the pool’s surface. Sergei says to find this sword disappears as if he were never there. The pair discuss what should be done and who should be trusted on the way back to the Abbey.
Back at the Abbey, Vane Drinkwater and Ireena Kolyana are awoken by the toll of the church bells, signaling another meal time. A disgruntled Vane greets the two late night travelers at the door. After one last check on Gruuk everyone goes to be until the morning.
When the morning comes Gruuk is his normal self and the group eats and heads into town. While there we meet with Esmeralda. We discuss what to do next and attempt to lick our own elbows for an embarrassingly long amount of time. Afterward we talk to the a woman who gave birth and her midwife. From what we gather we find that this woman has had a child but unfortunately it is only a husk of a human being, soulless.
After finding that it is ok to venture out from the guards we go back to Rictavio. On our way we find a pair of pallid leather gloves with ivory nails. Jenevieve Amastacia tries them on and holds on to them (not sure if i actually have it. You all can let me know). We reach Rudolph (Rictavio) and he is met with an abusive but warm embrace from Esmeralda. We discuss what to do next and land on exploring the trap door found earlier from a completely unnecessary fireball by Jenevieve.
All but Rictavio go down as he was still furiously working at his… uhh… work. Once down we seem to find all the Silver of Barovia. Vane cast a timely detect magic spell which reveals that the coins had some magic to have them come alive in a kind of silver coin golem. We battle it out and eventually defeat the creature. We were then left with some glasses that help to notice minute details when used and a vial of Frost Giant stregnth and an obscene amount of silver coins.
Now we are left to find out what to do with all the coin.

CoS Barovia
The Introduction to Barovia.

Our adventure begins anew as we enter into the land of Barovia. After successfully clearing out the mines for the Rockseekers, we decided to take some time to rest, develop our skills and even making ourselves a homebase in the now abandoned mansion of Phandelver.

One day, Sildar makes a request to our group to go and investigate a group of what sounds like vagrants just outside of town. The people don’t seem too bad and even offer us to join them in their nights revelry. During that time we learn of a man and his story.
As remembered by Vane:

Stanimir fills his mouth with wine, then spits into the fire. The flames turn from orange to green. As they dance and sway, a dark shape appears in the bonfire’s core.
“We come from an ancient land whose name is long forgotten — a land of kings. Our enemies forced us from our homes, and now we wander the lost roads.”

The dark shape in the fire takes the form of a man be­ing knocked from his horse, a spear piercing his side. Stanimir continues. “One night, a wounded soldier staggered into our camp and collapsed. We nursed his terrible injury and quenched his thirst with wine. He survived. When we asked him who he was, he wouldn’t say. All he wanted was to return home, but we were deep in the land of his enemies. We took him as one of our own and followed him back toward his homeland. His enemies hunted him. They said he was a prince, yet we didn’t give him up, even when their assassins fell upon us like wolves.”

Deep in the bonfire, you see the dark figure standing with sword drawn, fighting off a host of shadowy shapes. “This man of royal blood fought to protect us, as we protected him. We bore him safely to his home, and he thanked us. He said, ’I owe you my life. Stay as long as you wish, leave when you choose, and know that you will always be safe here.”’

The figure in the dancing fire vanquishes its final foe, then disperses in a cloud of smoke and embers.

A curious story. And even more curious is their acquaintance with the as yet unknown land of Barovia. We have only heard of it once before when reading over a very mysterious map. Last of all a letter was given to us requesting aid for a sickly daughter with promises of great riches. IT was hard to say and so we didn’t. After a night of preparation we left for Barovia the very next day. Who knows way adventures await.

Into the Cave
We finally make our way into the Wave Echo Cave

We finally make our way to the hills and into the Wave Echo Cave. Once we get inside we go in search of lamps as we are in complete darkness. As we look we come across the tragic sight of Grundren’s brother in the entrance of the cave.

Jenevieve begins to callously question Gundren about his brothers boots. Gundren, still grieving, does not answer. Vane spends time consoling Gundren with old Dwarvish words for those who have passed. The party moves on in search of answers. While everyone else is preoccupied with the descent into the caves Arkadius uses this opportunity to pocket the boots in question. Later, he reveals them to Jenevieve to her horror.

We continue our search through the caves and encounter several creatures in battle. Gundren notes that it’s typical to find some of these creatures here but finding undead is not normal. The group is a little unsettled but is determined to move on. Vane takes notice of the architecture within the cave and has parsed out where the original entrance must have been.

In our search we find the assayers office and in it a locked case with a substantial riches. Also, within the case is a note stating that one of the coins is cursed. Vane and Jenevieve believe it best to leave the treasure while Arkadius sees it as unconscionable to leave it. After a lengthy discussion and Arkadius gets his way and add the riches to the treasury of the group.

Shortly after we made our way north west to a mysterious room with an eerie glowing growth encrusting the area. Activity from the group awakens something with the cave and it exudes a noxious gas poisoning both Vane and Jenevieve. Arkadius launches forward in an attempt to steer clear of any danger that might be lurking. In that moment an as yet unseen creature unfurls itself in preparation for battle.

The great outdoors

We kill the Goodboi which has poisoned Vane, Gruuk, and Arkadius. Vane selflessly cures Arkadius and Gruuk, leaving herself diseased.

An ogre appears. The ogre can be reasoned with, but only on ogre terms.

He asks for a ‘white fluffly.’ We attempt to discern what that means. Jenevieve finds a flock of sheep near-bye.

After a stall in communication Arkadius loses patience and jogs towards the flock. A wolf of some sort attacks him, grievously wounding him.

When we return the sheep to the Ogre, the orcs spring an attack. Battle ensues.

Gruuk almost goes down but pops up, battle raged. Jenevieve lets loose several magic missiles which meet their mark. Vane shoots and casts holy spells to kill any who approach, with Gruuk slashing down all before him.

Arkadius falls unconscious after a few strikes. He writhes on the ground until Vane casts healing words. Gruuk finishes the orcs.

The group continues onward.

The Creature from Cragmaw

Our group continued it’s assault of Cragmaw Castle. With the Bugbear and his wolf dispatched, they moved on to the drow, which had changed shape to perfectly mimic Arkadius.

The group revived Gundren and proceeded to try and figure out ‘the real Arkadius’. Jenevieve proposed that they both made a bardic performance, Gruuk suggests the two Arkadius’ hit each other, while Vane attempts to gather which is the real one via insight.

Arkadius’ rashness takes over, and he and the shapechanger punch one another, with the real Arkadius taking a massive amount of damage.

Vane’s insight does not reveal which is real, and a subsequent performance likewise produces equal results. However she casts an identify spell and discovers which being has spells affecting it. A battle begins, the shapechanger attempts to retreat.

Gruuk and Vane pursue, with Vane telling Arkadius to ‘stay’. Jenevieve follows the others to assist.

They catch and wear down the shapechanger but it gets the best of them, grievously wounding Gruuk and Jenevieve. Seeing Jenevieve fall from the next room, Arkadius is spurred to action. He stabilizes her wounds and then dashes after the monster. With the creature in sight, he casts ‘hold person’ and summarily executes the held enemy in a blind rage, severing its head.

Jenevieve casts a rope trick spell which opens an extradimensional space, she climbs up in order to rest. Likewise Arkadius climbs, and as they rest, he attempts to cheer his friend.

Vane and Gruuk at first remain below, but eventually climb as well, and the group, along with Gundren, rest and recover from their wounds. Arkadius tells Gundren that their job to escort the caravan to Phandelver is complete, and also negotiates a 15% stake in the mine once the group helps Gundren and his brothers safely begin their operations there.

After escorting Gundren back to town the group takes a night to fully recover. In the morning they head off to fulfil Linene Graywind’s quest to deliver an ornate comb to Agatha the banshee, saying that if they were to flatter her she would likely gift them a spellbook which once belonged to a legendary mage. On their way, they encountered an Owlbear which they dispatched.

Upon arrival, the group was met with an eery mist, and the appearance of the banshee. Arkadius, acting as emissary for Linene and the Harpers, and armed with the information of flattery and gifting, immediately dropped to a knee, complemented her great beauty, and presented the comb. She, unfortunately didn’t have the spell book, and said that she traded it to a necromancer named Tsernoth from the city of Iriaebor. Her promise to give one answer fulfilled, she disappeared.

The group, on Gruuk’s request, now make their way to nearby Wyvern Tor to eliminate the Orc threat.

On our way to Wyvern Tor we encountered a pair of two-headed dog-beasts. They’ve attacked Gruuk, Arkadius, and Vane resulting in the three being poisoned. The battle continues.

Gruuk's School of Culinary Excellence

The gang sets up camp just outside of Neverwinter Wood on their way to Cragmaw Castle.

  • While Vane and Arkadius are gathering fire wood she implores him to be less reckless, with mixed results.
  • Back at camp Jenevieve also shows concern for Arkadius well being, giving him some pause.
  • During the night Jenevieve is on watch and hears something approaching. She warns the group just in time for them to be readied to face a group of Orc raiders.
  • The raiders call out Gruuk as a traitor to his kind, he gives them his reply with the edge of his blade.
  • After the battle Gruuk discovers a Greataxe, the Grim Greataxe. A skull symbol is cast at the center of the two axe blades, which emits grey smoke at times.

The next morning the group approaches Cragmaw Castle with a plan. One of them will disguise themselves as Glass Staff and bluff their way in.

  • They bluff past the front guards but are met in the kitchen by a group that challenges them to a cooking contest.
  • Gruuk challenges them to a chopping contest by cleaving on of their heads off. Chaos ensues as goblins pour in to the kitchen.
  • The group gives up their plan and kills all the goblins in turn.
  • A roaming fight occurs as they fight through the castle, finally reaching a room where the Bugbear leader, a wolf, and a drow are residing, along with an unconscious dwarf.
  • The Bugbear is dispatched without too much trouble, when the drow suddenly changes form and looks exactly like Arkadius.

The session ends with the group wondering how to proceed next.

The Not-Quite Triumphant Return

Picks up back in Tresendar Manor. With the prisoners in tow (a mother and her two children, Nars and Nilsa), the group, with Droop, decides to press on through the mansion.

*Gruuk sets off a trap in an unexplored corridor, which takes out the floor.

*When Glassstaff quips about it, Arkadius – who had previously warned him to keep quiet – stabs him.

*Glassstaff escapes his bonds and flees, calling out llefarn to re-animate the one remaining skeleton.

*Arkadius chases Glassstaff down whilst Jenevieve and Vane take out the skeleton, but not before it manages to cut off Nars’ arm.

*Glassstaff escapes and the group leave Tresendar Manor back the way they came.

*Gruuk carries Nars to the Shrine of Healing, where Sister Garaele manages to save the boys life – she is unable to reattach the arm. Vane returns the arm to the Shrine of Luck, so they can dispose of it respectfully.

*Nars and his family recover in Stone Hill Inn.

*The Group go to Sildar at the Townmaster’s Hall to recount what happened. He immediately wants to leave to see if they can catch up to Glassstaff/Iarno, so they do, leaving Droop the goblin behind with the townmaster.

*They find a secret room with a cistern, and evidence that Glasstaff had hidden supplies for escape in it – the room is otherwise empty.

*Jenevieve finds tracks that head east, but they disappear and they group cannot track anyone further.

*Returning to Phandelin, the group go to Stone Hill Inn. Droop reveals that he knows the location of Cragmaw Castle.

*Through his descriptions, Vane is able to narrow down on a map that Droop is talking about an area in the south of the Neverwinter Woods.

*After a long rest, the group head to the Sleeping Giant to find more Redbrands. They dispatch the ones that are there, and have an altercation with the dwarf bartender (Gristas), which is ultimately resolved once they pay for damages.

*They pay a visit to Alderleaf Farm, to thank the child Carp for the information of the secret tunnel.

*They visit Barthen’s Provisions and talk a little more about Nundro and Tharden Rockseeker, Gundren’s brothers, who are camping nearby. Arkadius meanwhile visits the Shrine of Luck and joins up with them after.

*Leaving Droop behind at Stone Hill Inn, they head out to Neverwinter Woods, first encountering a group of Stirges, which Arkadius takes out almost in its entirety with Thunder Wave, and then an ogre, which is also dispatched without too much trouble.

Traipsing Tresendar Manor
Or how the great Googily Moogily passed away

The party used a secret tunnel to enter Tresendar Manor and take care of the Redbrand menace.

They happened upon a one eyed creature who spoke to them telepathically. He was under the employ of the Redbrands and feasted on the corpses they supplied.

After a failed attempt to bring the monster to their side, the group was forced to kill the monster. Upon investigating it’s lair they found money, gems, scrolls, potions, and a well made scimitar named ‘Talon’.

The party took out a group of ruffians playing dice in their break room and then explored further south encountering three bugbears torturing a goblin (Droop). Killing the bugbears proved difficult and so the party took a short rest to recover. In thanks for killing his torturers the Goblin agreed to guide the group through the hideout and keep them safe from traps.

Exploring the NW side of the hideout the group found Glass Staff, who was alerted to their presence and attempted an escape. After a long pursuit the group caught him and bound his hands.

In Glass Staff’s workshop, they came across evidence that he was attempting to create invisibility potions. They also discovered correspondence from the Black Spider.

To clear out the rest of the hideout the group moved east, fighting skeletons and then finally finding the prison where the woodworkers family was being held. After dispatching the guards, the group continues to explore the complex.


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